Sunday, October 10, 2010

4 Laying Hens + Faith = 4 eggs

This morning I found 3 eggs.  Tonight there was 1 more.  All 4 ladies are now producing.  "Lord I stand amazed at the wonder of it all.  But a greater wonder brings me to my knees.  Lord I praise you because of who You are.  Not for all the mighty things that You have done".  I know that this may be a small thing but You cared anyway.  Thank You Jesus."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

God, You are Amazing!

I had just hit the "Publish Post" button when the Little Women came running in with an egg!

Dear Lord, "Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You!  You are so Good!"

Faith in Action, Scrambled, Poached, Smothered, Covered, In a Hole and Fried

I have such a yearning, and I believe, a God given desire for simplicity, self sufficiency, quality of life and the ability to bless others with overabundance.  I have begun this journey with prayer, study of the Word of God and the purchase of chickens and quail.  While prayer and biblical study are listed as the first and second on the list of three and I am unsure if one should precede the other, (I am leaning toward biblical study first, then prayer), I in all honesty have not purposefully put them first in my endeavor.  I am now correcting that with the help of the greatest Helper of all.

"Lord Jesus, thank you for my beautiful birds.  They have been an amazing blessing in ways I never imagined.  My children have had so much fun being outdoors and enjoying taking care of them.  I have watched them change their entire play from self centered pink princesses who have servants who wait on them inside palaces to tree climbing princesses who have flocks of  regal birds that provide them with feathers and golden eggs and friends with the plant and animal kingdom like Adam and Eve.  And one of the girls asked if she could give away all of her Barbies and just play Babies, Store, Restaurant and Adventure Chickengirl.  That is an answered prayer of mine.  I do not know how Barbies got into my house, but they needed to get out.  They do not inspire anything good or God in my opinion.  And rather than disappearing them and causing trauma in the lives of a couple of precious sparkle pink princesses I have been praying that You, Dear Jesus would give them the desire to get rid of the Barbies.  You did!  Thank you so much.

Here are the blessings so far:
                      1)  We are outside much more
                                a)  more fresh air
                                b)  more vitamin D
                                c)  less TV  (whoo hoo)
                      2)  We get way more exercise outside than in
                      3)  Kiddos play is far less selfish
                      4)  Kiddos playing by taking care of something living
                            Rather than keeping toys picked up and organized
                      5)  The answer to my "Get rid of the Barbies" prayer
                      6)  Potential food source
                      7)  Potential trade source

Lord Jesus, thank you for all these blessings including the ones I have not discovered yet.  And I am asking you for a prosperous chicken venture.  I am posting an egg background because I am calling what is not yet, to become (Hebrews 11) .  I declare egg production.  Lord, I request and praise You for the wisdom (James 1) I need and the time, skill and funds to accomplish this task ."

And above all I pray that You will lead and guide me in all endeavors I take on or am now doing.  And that they are a fulfillment of the intense, fervent prayer of a righteous woman and her diligent obedience to Your Word, all for the Glory of You, my Savior, Jesus Christ".